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What is RedShop?

RedShop is RedMax’s online catalogue for promoting mainly the products assembled at the Assembly Lab.

RedMax’s Assembly Lab is an official LAS (Local Assembly Shop) of Huber + Suhner, the leading Swiss company in the development and manufacturing of components and system solutions for electrical and optical transportation of data and energy. Currently, the RedMax Assembly Lab is the only certified Huber+Suhner LAS in the Middle East region and operates under the most advanced technological and intelligent conditions.

The e-shop’s main goal is to offer a display of its major product, patch cords, which can be assembled in any customized type and format. More specifically, these fiber optic patch cords, can be assembled according to requested configuration and length. Furthermore, the RedShop promotes two additional Lab products (pigtails adaptors) plus products from other manufacturing partners.

RedShop is more of an online catalogue where individual or company orders can be placed always with the personal assistance of a RedMax sales agent.

RedShop Benefits

RedShop is the only official Huber + Suhner LAS online catalogue/store in the Middle East region. This means that its strategic geographical position enables fast and easy shipments to the Middle East countries and the Eastern Mediterranean area in general.

Due to RedMax’s flexible and adjustable operational structure any orders placed via the RedShop can be produced really fast; even next day deliveries are possible if order specifications allow it.

RedShop offers top quality products under international standards and in accordance to Huber + Suhner’s strict quality procedures. Before leaving the Lab all products are tested and verified ensuring that the highest of quality is delivered with every shipment.

Prices of RedShop top quality products are low and very competitive because Lab’s production line is exclusive and specialized.

Furthermore, all products are certified that are assembled in the European Union and after sales service is offered on a 24/7 basis.